Technologies description


Technologies description

Silicon Nitride Platform for Integrated Quantum Photonic Applications

The CNM-VLC is a Silicon Nitride photonics integration platform for photonic integrated waveguide and circuit applications such as biophotonics, tele/datacom, quantum and sensing. It has been developed together with the company VLC Photonics. It is offered through shared multi-project wafer runs or through dedicated wafer runs, with possible customizations.


Quantum key distribution systems in wireless channels with automatic beam tracking

QTEP's Quantum cryptography team at ITEFI develops self-stabilized quantum key distribution systems capable of high quantum key transmission rates through free space in atmospheric turbulent environments, such as metropolitan areas in daylight conditions.


Integrated microwave electronics

We develop cryogenic electronic components for all stages involved in the control and read-out of solid state quantum processor units, contributing to boost scalability and to enhance the readout sensibility to a level limited only by quantum noise.

Hybrid quantum devices

We exploit magnetic nanostructures coupled to superconducting circuits to store quantum information, establish wireless communication between different parts of a quantum circuit, perform proof-of-concept implementations of quantum error correction and optimization algorithms, simulate novel states of matter and develop quantum sensors.


On-chip magnetic resonance and refrigeration

We explore potential of hybrid quantum circuits to develop on-chip magnetic resonance, with applications ranging from scientific instrumentation to chemical and biological analysis at the level of pico-littre sized specimens. In addition, we explore novel refrigeration technologies to take such quantum devices closer to the market.

Quantum algorithms for business applications

We develop quantum algorithms for quantum computers and quantum inspired algorithms for classical software, with competitive performance in problems of commercial interest, such as combinatorial optimization for logistics, simulation of complex risk analysis models, or acceleration of machine learning models. Some of these technologies are available through CSIC's spin-off Inspiration-Q.



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